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How' s Your Posture?
Do you have a poor back posture?
Are hours of sitting in front of a computer of hours at your desk hurting your back, shoulders and posture?
Do your lower back and shoulder muscles feeling strained and sore?


If you answered yes we may have a solution for you!

Perfect Posture is specifically designed to improve your back and spine and relieve pain in the upper back, shoulders and neck while improving your posture. The habit of slouching and hunching is not an easy one to break (I know), but the lightweight SELF CONTAINED Perfect Posture will help to build long term muscle memory reminding you to automatically straighten your back. 
Sitting, we do it everyday, for work, driving, or relaxation. But because most of the population does not sit correctly, over 90% of us will develop back or shoulder pain.
Studies have actually shown that poor posture can affect our mood and productivity. 

Introducing Perfect Posture

Poor or good posture is a habit. While it is difficult to change any habit, it is almost impossible to change when you are doing other things and can’t focus on your posture.

Perfect Posture changes that habit for you by gently putting your back and shoulder in the “perfect” position thereby relieving the stress off your back and shoulders while all the time creating a better posture habit.

One of the great benefits of Perfect Posture is it continues to work even after you have taken it off!

You know, we live in a world of multi-tasking, why not multi-task your back pain away!

Perfect Posture Top Features:

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Perfect Posture makes a great gift for someone who sits all day. Think of it, every time that person sits and feels instant relief, they will think of you, and how much you cared to give them a gift to take their pain away.

Wear it while sitting at your desk, gaming, on an airplane, meditating, watching tv, or just reading.


“I can work hours now sitting at my desk with no back pain.”


“When I wear Perfect Posture all the pressure is off my lower back. I put it on and I feel instant relief. As a physiotherapist I recommend this to all my patients.”


“I play online for hours. Now I feel no more back pain. My gaming has gotten better too.”


Being a little overweight I stumped at my computer. Now with Perfect Posture I do not have to get up and stretch my back every couple of hours. My back feels GREAT at the end of the day. I no longer say to myself “Sit up Straight”.

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